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Each and every workshop has been custom designed to help you become an unstoppable Personal Trainer.  

Our unique approach is really quite simple, we create our content based on what YOU, the Trainer, actually wants and cares about not what WE think you need.   The amount of information and educational opportunities in our industry is downright overwhelming.  It seems the more you learn the more your realize you don't know.  What a confidence killer!   Our trainer driven approach is designed to address the challenges you're faced with each day and give you the evidence and tools to build your practice AND your confidence.

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The Personal Training Collective is designed to fix what’s broken and provide a place where great trainers can discover a new way to harness their passion, feed their love of learning, and fulfill their need to be connected and supported by their peers. All of our services are powered by our Continuous Growth System (CGS), a holistic system of mentorship, connection and learning designed to create unstoppable Personal Trainers.
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